Summary image forNext-Gen infotainment services
February 2024
Summary image forTransforming Railway Operations with ICOS Edge-Cloud continuum system
WSE: Izabela Zrazinska, Ignasi Garcia-Milà Vidal
September 2023
Summary image forUnlocking the Potential of Machine Learning at the Edge: Challenges and Future Trends
CeADAR: Sebastián Andrés Cajas, Jaydeep Samanta, Andrés L. Suárez-Cetrulo, Ricardo Simón Carbajo
July 2023
Summary image forNovel data and processing approaches for the development of hyper-distributed applications
BSC: Francesc Lordan, Anna Queralt i Àlex Barceló
March 2023
Summary image forLeveraging Federated Learning in the ICOS continuum
NKUA: Anastasios Giannopoulos, Konstantinos Skianis, Panagiotis Gkonis and Panagiotis Trakadas
March 2023
Summary image forFunction-as-a-Service (FaaS) and Containerization in the Cloud-Edge Continuum: A Primer
TUBS: Marc Michalke, Fin Gentzen, Francisco Carpio, Admela Jukan
April 2023
Summary image forPredictive Monitoring and Maintenance
Francesco Iadanza, ENGINEERING, Gabriele Giammatteo, ENGINEERING
January 2023
Summary image forThe Impact of Upstreaming Research Contributions
Cara Delia and Leslie Hawthorn, Red Hat Open Source Program Office, Jose Castillo Lema, Red Hat Performance & Scale Engineering
December 2022
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